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The Blind Specialist

We repair and sell all types of blinds

Photo Gallery

Blinds Gallery Blinds Gallery Awnings Automatic awnings are best designed for windy condition. They are also the most purchased & installed type of awnings in Australia. 204276801 Vertical Bottom Weights The traditional Chained & new chainless bottom weight on vertical blinds. 204276802 Vertical Slat Finish Fully sewn-in chainless bottom weights on vertical blinds 204276803 Awnings Convertible Awning is the best suitable type of awning to keep out the heat of the summer sun. However, attention required when awning is down as it is not suitable for windy condition. 204276804 Honeycomb Blinds Top down & bottom up honeycomb blinds are the best designed honeycomb blind products to obtain the privacy in your home. 204276811 Triple Shade Roller Blinds Triple shade roller blind is one of newest released blind products available on the market 204276815 Vinyl Vertical Blinds Vinyl vertical blinds work like the normal vertical blinds but with hard & stiff vinyl blades instead. 204276816 Triple Shade Roller Blinds Triple shade roller blinds has a special layer of fabric which runs over the top roller to close & adjust the light get through your window like the common venetian blind products. This is also the latest product range on the market. 204276817 Timber Venetian Blinds Timber venetian blinds have the best classic country-style look of all types of blinds. 204308257 Blockout & Sunscreen Roller Blinds Blockout & sunscreen roller blinds can be installed on the same window to secure the privacy of your home & they also act as a double insulation product on the window at the same time. 204308259 Honeycomb Blinds Honeycomb blinds are the best insulation type of blinds available on the market. 204308261 Slimline Aluminium Venetian Blinds Slimline aluminium venetian blinds are the best type of blinds for view & light adjustment through your windows. They are also the best suitable blinds for your office area. 204308262 Straight Drop Awnings Straight drop awnings are excellent to maintain the shade on both your front or back yard of your house. 204308264 Sunscreen Roller Blinds Sunscreen roller blinds look good in the house and can perfectly block the light & the glare of the sun through your windows during day time. 204308265 Honeycomb Blinds 204308266 Top Down & Bottom Up Honeycomb Blinds Top down & bottom up honeycomb blinds are the best designed for blocking the view & light from outside the window 204308267 Double Shade Roller Blinds Double shade roller blind is the new product range recently available on the market. 204308268 Double Shade Roller Blinds Double shade roller blinds move up & down over a roller on top like the common roller blinds but with a special fabric which has a sheer as well as dark shades that rolls over both the front & back by overlapping the fabric shades to adjust the level of light you want. 204308269 Slimline Aluminium Venetian Blinds Slimline aluminium venetian blinds are the best sort of blinds for adjusting the amount of view as well as light get through into your home or office. 204308270 Diverse Venetian Blind Types Different venetian blind types 204308271 Roller Blinds Roller blinds are extremely easy to use & are the most affordable type of blinds on the market. They look fantastic in your home & light can be adjust by raising the blind up or down accordingly with the chain. 204308273 Vertical Blinds Vertical blinds are the affordable type of blinds that can fit well on all windows in your home especially on big windows & sliding door. You can easy open & close the slats to adjust the amount of light you want to let through into you home. Highly recommended. 204308274